The Assembly and Mounting Guide explains the installation of the NJK Precision Airflow Measuring Station. It explains which sensor packages will be sent and how they should be labeled and potentially combined. The guide covers what parts will come with the airflow station and whether they should be assembled at the factory. Importantly, it explains the contents of the package and the use for each part.

The guide explains what additional parts may be necessary for installation and how to locate the best ductwork area for mounting the airflow sensor. NJK Precision products are designed for accuracy and reliability, so placement practices must be followed (although we anticipate that our products may be installed in less-than-ideal placements). As the guide explains in more detail, it’s essential to have installations verified by NJK Precision Sales or Factory Representatives. The guide covers items of note such as installation tips, how measurements might vary from quoted numbers, and the best way to secure various parts.

The mounting section of the guide explains how to mount brackets for ductwork installations, adjust the NJK Precision Sensor Flow Frame measurements and other parts, and install the product without causing false readings or inaccuracies in data. The guide further clarifies the assembly of the NJK Precision Airflow Measuring Station, particularly its Sensor Flow Frame. Complete with step-by-step pictures, the guide provides instructions on putting together the frame and attaching the Flow Measuring Module to it.

If the frame cannot be mounted on ductwork, the guide gives instructions on rain hood mount installation. It also covers standard “assemble in duct” installation for internal mounting and “cut and slide” installation for delivery with the finish endplate option.