This document is a checklist of all necessary steps and items to inspect or ensure when installing the NJK Precision Airflow Measurement Station. Installing NJK Precision products can be difficult for those who aren’t experienced in engineering, so we’ve provided this convenient PDF for installers. It is designed to be accessible for people with varying professional backgrounds who may install the Airflow Measurement Station. 


All team members involved in the installation should know the process well and understand what is needed for all parts to work together correctly, and this checklist helps accomplish that goal. The Airflow Measurement Station must be correctly installed. If it is improperly installed, it can diminish the accuracy of the product and its effectiveness. Installers must properly integrate the system with any and all Building Automation System components. Staying organized on the worksite is crucial, so it’s smart to make use of this checklist.

This checklist covers:

  • Flow Measuring Module mounting
  • Signal Processing Unit mounting
  • Signal Processing Unit wiring
  • Signal Processing Unit communication
  • Flow Measuring Module wirinG
  • Flow Measuring Module naming
  • Sensor programming relative to input and output
  • Sensor sizes
  • Test and Balance Contractor completion
  • NJK Precision installation form completion

Furthermore, for each of up to 15 sensors being installed, the document contains a checklist covering:

  • Flow Frame placement in ductwork
  • Sensor Flow Frame installation and direction
  • Sensor Flow Frame blockage clearance
  • Flow Frame adverse operations and sampling clearance
  • Flow Measuring Module external and internal accessibility
  • Flow Measuring Module internal access door accessibility
  • Sensor Flow Frame location labeling
  • Sensor mounting in metal sleeve
  • Sensor End Plate installation
  • Sensor securement in Rain Hood Mount
  • Sensor mounting in ductwork
  • Date of check or inspection and initials of inspector

Organizing installation and carefully ensuring that each item is checked off is the best way to prevent system errors in the future. We strongly recommend using this checklist to organize installation.