This guide outlines the proper specifications of various aspects of the NJK Precision Airflow Measuring Station. It covers a variety of topics, including proper functions of the technology, sensing technology, connections and apertures, inlet and outlet chamber specifications, fabrication of the station, and proper materials for station parts.

The document also details contractor duties and appropriate installation practices. Installers and operators will find operating temperature range for the station, proper sensing module mounting, approved sensing module providers, and sensing module calibration. Details on the transmitter, including necessary qualities of the transmitter and operator interface, input power settings for the transmitter, transmitter configuration practices, expected capacity of the sensing module and related equipment and wiring, transmitter output types and measurements, transmitter sensor abilities, and recommended connection types are also covered in this document. 

Finally, the guide maps out the accuracy of airflow volume measurements by the station, operating range of the airflow sensor, and more.

If the NJK Precision Airflow Measuring Station does not meet all of these specifications, serious errors can occur. This guide is an invaluable tool when inspecting the system and maintaining the station’s proper function and all related equipment. Failure to meet these specifications may indicate that NJK Precision did not manufacture the station or that it has been damaged or tampered with.