Each NJK Precision Sensing Probe is calibrated and scaled for accuracy ratings from the maximum flow through to minimum flow on a primary NIST-certified airflow testing stand with a 0.19% uncertainty a 95% confidence.

This guide explains why NJK Precision is a leader in airflow measurement products, and it maps out product operations. The guide also covers various applications of the products, including outdoor airflow measurement, floor-level airflow measurement, precise control of outside air exchange rates, managing room air exchange rates, laboratory airflow measurement, and cleanroom airflow measurement. While calculating airflow rates through ductwork has never been a complex task (simply multiplying the air’s average velocity by the cross-sectional area of the duct), data collection and accurately and precisely measuring air velocity are extremely complex tasks. Poor data collection can cause errors in duct balancing. Airflow measurement tools were faulty in the past due to technological limitations. But NJK Precision sensors and signal processing equipment do not suffer from those limitations.