This guide to the installation, programming, and setting up of the NJK Precision Signal Processing Unit and associated sensors includes details on flow measuring module limitations, how many flow measuring modules in how many channels each Multi Sensor Hub can take, finding sensor identification numbers (also known as sensor UUIDs), measuring out cable lengths and cable length limitations between various units, connection with building automation systems, and field wiring and cabling. The guide also discusses sensor module signal certainty, dependencies, and sensor system communication traffic (sensor wiring configuration and sensor programming parameter settings).

The NJK Precision Signal Processing Unit’s programming guide includes instructions on how to set sensor group functionality, name sensor groups, set up and add sensors, save sensors, digitally locate connected Flow Measuring Module UUID addresses through the Signal Processing Unit, and the limitations of digital location. It also includes instructions for setting up the display area, the output flow range, the signal output gain (correction factor), the signal output offset, the signal output filter and filtering adjustment, the signal update rate from zero to 120 seconds, and the minimum flow. The guide contains detailed information on all of these terms and a convenient glossary of sensor display parameters, their definitions, and context and associated usage for each definition.