NJK Precision Products are Clearly Better

NJK Precision products have a number of features and benefits that set our company apart from the competition. While no product can ever be perfect, the technological innovation and human-use orientation that goes into NJK Precision products make them the best on the market.




A Unique Multi-Sensor Installation

Still not convinced? Consider that NJK Precision offers an economical option for multiple sensor installations that aren’t available from competitors. Instead of requiring a dedicated display unit for each airflow measuring station, we’ve decided to simplify things and offer one Multi Sensor Hub. Along with the hub, a multiple sensor Signal Processing Unit (SPU-M) saves on hardware and installation costs. Up to eight stations can be connected to an SPU-M through the hub.

This means that an operator can simultaneously monitor four airflow values from a single location. The SPU-M is powered by 24 volts (A.C. or D.C.) and provides four 1-10 VDC output values to the building automation system, Airflows can be automatically added together for a total sum of airflows.

Even More Benefits

  • Three sensors or group can be added together on each channel
  • Up to 300’ of cable length for every SPU-M and Multi Sensor Hub
  • Sensors added to each channel are viewed at BAS as one flow signal only
  • Each sensor in the channel or group can be viewed and modified at the SPU-M
  • The Multi Sensor Hub and Flow Measuring Module are all powered from the SPU-M
  • Multiple sensors (up to eight) can be monitored from a single SPU-M
  • Ideal for many applications, such as outdoor airflow measurement, supply/return/exhaust airflow measurement, precise control of outside or room air exchange rates, and laboratory airflow measurement

We guarantee the accuracy of all of our products. NJK Precision is not an arbitrary name; it’s based on the quality of the products.