NJK Precision’s guide to cables for signal processing equipment explains the safety, type, and length requirements for the cabling of all configurations of the NJK Precision Multi Sensor Hub, Signal Processing Unit-M, Flow Measuring Module, and building automation system equipment.

Measuring airflows, setting up signal processing systems, and using NJK Precision equipment can be challenging without proper guidance. Using up to 300’ of cable connection, the NJK Precision Multi Sensor Hub can gather data from different locations even in more extended ductwork, making it excellent for various industrial and laboratory applications.

An NJK Precision Signal Processing Unit should never use more than one NJK Precision Multi Sensor Hub per Unit. Each Multi Sensor Hub can accept up to three Flow Measuring Modules per channel and eight Flow Measuring Modules total.

It’s important to note that Sensor Module signal certainty depends on cable lengths, all connections, and sensor system communication traffic (sensor wiring configuration and sensor programming parameter settings). Single cable lengths of up to 300’ can be utilized on a single sensor and Signal Processing Unit-S.

In this guide, installers will learn that the cable length from Multi Sensor Hub to Signal Processing Unit-M is standard 6’ and must not exceed 25’ in length. The cable length from Flow Measuring Module to Multi Sensor Hub must not exceed 100’ in length. Cumulative cable lengths of up to 300’ can be safely used when wiring the NJK Precision Signal Processing Unit-M and Multi Hub Unit. The cable length between the Signal Processing Unit flow signal and the building automation system will be the installer’s responsibility.