This publication explains differences between NJK Precision and our competitors. The flexibility of NJK Precision equipment is one of its best features and clearly sets us apart. When you need to use dynamic and adaptable air measuring systems, NJK Precision products are ideal. Designed for maximum accuracy and reliability, and reading accurately down to extremely low airflows, this precision allows users to control fresh air intake volumes even when supply fan speeds are decreased. This guide helps users take full advantage of that versatility.

The “NJK Precision difference” of flexibility is designed to help engineers and installers adapt to field conditions while still working around physical constraints and maintaining the required equivalent duct length for airflow measurement. This guide contains instructions for interpreting ASHRAE Standard 111 for providing reliable and mathematically sound guidance for measuring airflow under certain conditions. The guide explains how NJK Precision’s Dual-Chambered Rectangular Air Foil Sensor Flow Frame samples airflow and how engineers can make the best use of the equipment in calculations.

Similar mass airflow (MAF) sensor technology is widely used in the automotive industry to deliver accurate airflow measurements that support the precise air/fuel ratios necessary to achieve maximum power and efficiency with minimal emissions. There are, however, specific conditions that create a profile that even the NJK Precision technology cannot measure correctly. (See this publication for details.) Our placement guidelines provide tremendous location flexibility. However, we cannot state that you can put them anywhere.