• Integrating thin film resistor sensing
  • Patented Dual-Chambered air-sampling technology
  • Anodized aluminum extrusion construction
  • Lower installation costs
  • Accurate flow readings to less than 50 Feet per Minute
  • NIST Traceable calibration over multiple flow points (25 to 37) from full flow down to the lowest measurable flow
  • Installs with minimal ductwork needed ahead or after sensor
  • Sensor probe mount inside sensor housing (optional exterior mount)
  • Sensor probe and transmitter connections utilize an RJ-45 connector with water tight connectors
  • Field connections to be made at NJK Signal Processing Unit only
  • The NJK sensor utilizes an integral signal dampening feature to smooth out signal in high transient and cross wind applications


  • Add to existing buildings or incorporate into new construction
  • Competitive sensor cost
  • Higher Accuracy
  • Higher Reliability
  • Flow signal is given directly in Cubic Feet per Minute (no calculations or conversions necessary)
  • Thin Film Resistor sensor measures the Mass Air Flow to provide accurate flow readings in all temperature and humidity conditions
  • Mounting assemblies available for many applications

Multiple Sensor Applications:

For multiple sensor installations, NJK Precision offers an economical option not available from competitors. Instead of requiring a dedicated display unit for each airflow measuring station, NJK offers a Multi Sensor Hub and a multiple sensor Signal Processing Unit (SPU-M). This combination saves on hardware and installation costs. Up to eight stations can be connected to a multiple sensor SPU-M through this Multi Sensor Hub. From one location you can simultaneously monitor four airflow values at a time.

The Signal Processing Unit (SPU) is powered by 24 volts either AC or DC. The multiple sensor Signal Processing Unit (SPU-M) provides four 1-10 VDC output values to the Building Automation System. Airflows can be summed together for a totalization of airflows.

  • Multiple sensors (up to 8) can be monitored from a single SPU-M
  • Three sensors per channel or group can be added together on each channel
  • Overall cable length is limited to 300 feet per SPU-M and Multi Hub
  • Sensors added to each channel will be viewed at BAS as one flow signal only
  • Each sensor in the channel or group can be viewed and modified at the SPU-M
  • The Multi Hub and sensor flow modules are all powered from the SPU-M