NJK Precision Air Flow Solution Products.

Save energy while improving comfort, health and workplace productivity with outdoor air monitoring sensors from NJK Precision.


Patented Technology

Thin film resistor sensing module using advanced Thermal Dispersion Technology…

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Outdoor Air, Supply, Return, Exhaust and more…

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Extruded aluminum and stainless steel options available…

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Our patented dual chambered airfoil design measures airflow through ductwork and requires no duct lead-in or duct lead-out…

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Easy Installation.

With no existing duct removal required.


About NJK Precision


NJK Precision is a division of Von Weise LLC, Powering industry through innovation. Today NJK Precision is committed to an entirely new way of doing business through a powerful combination of solutions, selection and support. Engineering expertise and innovative thinking drive Von Weise to improve products and services for our customers, assuring the highest quality products at the most competitive cost.