NJK Precision is committed to an entirely new way of doing business through a powerful combination of solutions, selection, and support. Engineering expertise and innovative thinking drive us to continually improve products and services for our customers, assuring that we provide the highest quality products possible at the most competitive cost. Our patented Dual-Chambered Airfoil Design that dynamically normalizes turbulent airflows in ductwork and other spaces, is a key innovation that enabled our ability to accurately read airflow even at extremely low flows. the NJK Precision Airflow Measurement Station, can accurately read airflow even at extremely low flows. That’s thanks to its patented Dual-Chambered Airfoil Design that dynamically normalizes turbulent airflows in ductwork and other spaces. The sampled airflow is measured through a single mass airflow “thin film” Sensing Probe. Thin film resistors have been in use for many years in high-accuracy applications such as laboratories and in the automotive industry, ensuring that our products are time tested for reliability. But our commitment to accuracy doesn’t end there. Each NJK Precision Sensing Probe is calibrated and scaled for accuracy ratings across its entire range on a primary NIST-certified airflow testing stand (with a 0.19% uncertainty at 95% confidence).



Kevin Hein is President of NJK Precision LLC. He’s spent his professional life pursuing engineering excellence at G.M., Allied Signal, Fasco, and Von Weise, Inc. From working operations on the line to leading the executive suite, Kevin has learned every part of the business. A serial entrepreneur, Kevin uses this hands-on knowledge to perfect one best-in-class product after another for his suite of companies.

Kevin formed KPH Holdings in 2008 as a way to acquire gear motor assets. He continued to serve as President of Von Weise, LLC until 2018 when he acquired two businesses: LifeGuard Lift and NJK Precision. He acquired PMAS Technologies in 2019.

Kevin has racked up more than 40 years of manufacturing experience. Along the way, he’s earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) and MBA. He’s also served as a Director of Continuous Improvement, has been recognized as a “Jonah’s Jonah” (1998 – Goldratt), and has led a number of Lean Manufacturing workshops around the globe.

Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife, two children, and three grandchildren. He also serves on the Board of MI Heroes Haven, a 501(c) 3 non-profit focused on solutions for those suffering from post-traumatic stress.


All NJK Precision products are made with care and are ideal for those who need to measure low airflows or measure flows with maximum accuracy. We also offer a number of customization options to make sure that the product fits its purpose perfectly.

We strive for customer satisfaction in everything we do, and as such, we try to answer all customer questions as quickly and simply as possible. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries by email or calling us at (704) 993-0847.