• Thin film resistor sensing module using advanced Thermal Dispersion Technology
  • Patented dual chambered airfoil design

The NJK Precision air flow measurement station utilizes its patented dual chambered airfoil design to dynamically normalize turbulent airflows inherent within the ductwork. The sampled air flow is measured through a single Mass Air Flow “Thin Film” sensing probe. Thin Film resistors have been in use for many years in high accuracy applications such as laboratories and automotive.

The NJK Precision Air Monitor Station samples the air flow from the outer edge of the ductwork. The sampled air is drawn through the single NJK Precision sensor tube where its internal diameter and length allow for 7.5 diameters of straight air flow to assist in evening out any remaining turbulence in the air being measured.

Each NJK Precision Flow Sensor Probe is calibrated and scaled for accuracy ratings from the maximum flow all the way through the minimum flow on a primary NIST Certified Air Flow Testing Stand that has a 0.19% uncertainty @ 95% confidence.


  • Outdoor Air flow measurement
  • Supply, Return, and Exhaust air flow measurement
  • Floor level air flow measurement
  • Laboratory air flow measurement
  • Clean Room air flow measurement
  • Precise control of outside air exchange rates
  • Precise control of room air exchange rates


The NJK-02 Anodized Extruded Aluminum product is our standard product construction. Optional field assembled construction is available for applications where there is limited access, or on new construction sites where a sheet metal contractor may not be readily available.


NJK Precisions patented dual chambered airfoil design measures airflow through ductwork and requires minimal duct lead-in or duct lead-out for accurate operation.

The NJK-02 Sensor transmits a 1 to 10 VDC calibrated flow signal to a Building Automation System. The air flow signal given is actual Cubic Feet per Minute with a guaranteed accuracy calibrated to less than 50 FPM air flow.

NJK Precision products have the ability to read accurately down to extremely low flows. Accurate air flow readings can be utilized to control fresh air intake volumes even when the supply fan speeds are decreased.